How to House Train a Dog


Do you have a dog? Do you want your dog to be well-behaved? A well-behaved dog is one that will not run outside, barking at each and every person which walks right past your house. It is a dog that will not just pee anywhere, especially your carpet, or a dog that will not bite you as you walk by. In order to achieve this, it is very important to learn how to train a dog.


Dog Training Tips


It is highly recommended to start with training dogs because it would be easier that way. Make sure that you do not change the eating, sleeping, or even potty locations of your dog. If you end up mixing up these locations, there is a tendency that your dog might become confused, not knowing where to go. This means that you need to keep the areas as consistent as possible. Make it very clear right from the start or else training dogs may end up taking longer than expected.


It is also recommended to catch your dog right in the act. This is basically among the essential rules involved in dog training. If you train your dog not to pee or poo anywhere, you have to catch your dog doing the act even though you might have to follow them all around the place. Most often, dogs go to the toilet right after they eat, after they play or after they sleep. If your dog starts sniffing, you might need to start following them because they might make an annoying stain on your favorite carpet.


Another important tip that you have to remember is doing the dog training yourself. By doing so, you can establish a better relationship with your dog, and you can also understand one another even better. However, this does not really mean that other people will not be able to tell your dog what to do, or even teach them tricks. It only means that you have to deal with most of the training yourself. This may involve setting aside at least 30 minutes every day in teaching your dog commands.


Things to Keep in Mind


Keep in mind that not all dogs are the same. Therefore, it might not work for the best if you keep on comparing your dog’s capability to follow orders to that of other dogs. It usually depends on the breed. For instance, pit bulls are known to be very intelligent. German Shepherds and Border Collies are also known to be easy to train. Regardless of the breed, however, it is your role to be patient in house training your dog in order to become well-behaved and calm.