How to Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy


Choosing a Golden Retriever to add in your family is indeed a great choice.  They are a family of dog that will not only be loyal and reliable they are also ideal for family with kids.  This particular breed has a high amount of energy, so it needs a daily strong exercise especially while it is a puppy.  Training dogs at their young age can help in creating the bond between the owner and the dog.  It can also keep you personal belonging safe and you can create a harmonious relationship with your dog.  In the event that you are looking for ways on how to train your golden retriever while they are young, this article will serve as your guide.


Tips on How to Train a Puppy


The Basic Puppy Training

There are a lot of methods that you can use when training dogs.  However, the effective techniques focus on three cores; rewarding, not rewarding and being consistent.  The rewarding would be the fun part of dog training.  Remember that the reward should not only be encouraged when you are giving certain command, and your golden retriever follows it, you should also give reward to praise their specific action such as peeing outside and approaching dogs in a friendly way.  On the other hand, you need to be careful on giving that reward since the dog can sometimes misinterpret it.  For instance, the dog can repeatedly jump over you in excitement if he sees the leash since he may think that taking him out on a walk is a reward.  Finally, you should be consistent in doing this to avoid the confusion on your dog.


Obedience Puppy Training


The first thing you need to think about on the obedience training is to know what you want to teach.  Obedience dog training is basically teaching the golden retriever to pay attention to your hand gesture and verbal command causing them to react properly to it.  Some of the basic commands include stay; leave it, come and sit.  These basic obedience commands are essential if you want to know how to train a dog and keep him safe.  You can also choose other commands such as speak, jump, roll-over, and shake.  For an improved result, you can use the rewarding system in conjunction with obedience training.


House Dog Training


The house training should start as soon as you bring a golden retriever puppy home.  After a long journey, take your dog inside the toilet and let them sniff around for a moment.  In the event that they poop or pee, give them a reward.  Take him to the toilet every 20 minutes and give him a reward every time he takes a pee.  You should also refrain from punishing them since it can make the puppy scared and affect his learning.


These are some of the tips that you can use when your golden retriever is on puppy training.  After these Basic dog trainings, you should start to train them on leash, crate training, and fetching.